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Revealing Toxic Skin Exposure

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines across the country discussing the problems with coal tar pavement sealer. All over North America playgrounds still use coal tar sealers. It exposes children to high levels of chemicals called …

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The High Cost of Cheap Coal Tar

Would you ever buy something that costs 45 times the purchase price to cleanup? Not in your right mind, would you. But pond cleanup costs, calculated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and extrapolated here to a per gallon cost, show that

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AOL Finance: Save on Snow Removal

Snow is beautiful to look at, but not fun to keep off your driveway. Thankfully, his winter hasn’t been too harsh, but you never know what’s lurking around the corner when it comes to Mother Nature. In the event of major snowflake accumulation, what will help you do...

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Montgomery County Maryland Bans Coal Tar

Coal tar pavement sealants are now prohibited in Montgomery County Planning on sealing your drive way or parking lot? Make sure you are using a sealant that does not contain coal tar. As of December 18, 2012, the use of pavement sealants containing coal tar is...

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ASI's mission is to take old problems and create a new innovative solution. We offer the best products and practical solutions for year round asphalt and concrete maintenance.

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